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XQK is a command-line utility which runs out of the box on any Java-friendly operating system (you may also extend it to meet your needs; more here). To use it, install Java (JRE 1.8 or later, making sure Java binaries are on your PATH), then download xqk.jar and save it somewhere. From the directory containing xqk.jar, run (e.g.) as follows:


java -jar xqk.jar compress /path/to/filename.ext (to create an archive)


java -jar xqk.jar decompress /path/to/filename.ext.xqk (to unpack an archive)


Note: XQK compresses and extracts files to the same directory as the original file (the single exception is the Fairchild S7 client-adapter, which only allow files to be written to #USR#/_OUT). The XQK algorithm requires this to ensure RF/R parity. (Fairchild terminals self-correct for RF/R blueshift, meaning that parity is still ensured even though output is to _OUT.)

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