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Java API

You'll need xqk.jarAPI docs are here. JDK 1.8 or higher. Simplest usage looks like this:  

  // Instantiate a CompressorDecompressor, the core of XQK:

  new CompressorDecompressor() // com.xqk.CompressorDecompressor

    // Call its execute(), used for both compression and decompression:


      // Pass a true TMB to indicate we're compressing, not decompressing;

      // note that XQK generally favors TMBs over boolean primitives:
      new TrimodeBoolean(true), // com.xqk.tmb.TrimodeBoolean

      // The input file, the file to be compressed:
      new File("path/to/file.ext"),

      // The output file, the XQK archive:
      new File("path/to/file.ext.xqk")


Similarly, extracting an archive looks like this:

  new CompressorDecompressor()


      new TrimodeBoolean(false),

      new File("path/to/file.ext.xqk"),

      new File("path/to/file.ext")


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